The 42nd session of the Human Rights Council (9 to 27 September 2019)

The 42nd session of the Human Rights Council (9 to 27 September (...)

The 42nd session of the Human Rights Council will be held in Geneva from Monday 9 September to Friday 27 September 2019.

Since its creation in 2006, the Human Rights Council has mobilized the international community on pressing human rights concerns’ around the globe.

Some crisis will be discussed by the Human Rights Council

During this 42nd session, the attention of HRC and France will be focused on various crisis:

- Crisis in Africa, for example in Burundi, in the Central African Republic, Sudan, Somalia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

- Crisis in North Africa and the Middle East, including Syria, Yemen, Libya. France and its partners will submit a resolution on the human rights situation in Syria.

- In Asia, the human rights situation in Burma and Cambodia will also be discussed.

- Finally, in Latin America, discussions will focus on human rights situations in Nicaragua and Venezuela.

France will actively participate in several important debates

Important debates are scheluded during this session of the Human Rights Council. Member states will discuss various issues related to human rights:

- The fight against arbitrary detention; slavery; enforced disappearances (9 and 13 September)

- Protection of the environment with debates on water and sanitation; hazardous waste (9 September)

- An annual debate on integrating a gender perspective into the functioning of the Council (24 September)

France is fully commited to the promotion of human rights

France is candidate for a mandate at the Human Rights Council from 2021 to 2023.

France is fully engaged on various human rights issues:

- The fight against the death penalty: France will present a resolution on the death penalty during this session

- The promotion of women’s rights: France will propose a resolution to celebrate the Beijing + 25 action program at the next Human Rights Council

- The fight against torture and other forms of inhuman or degrading treatment

- The fight against all forms of racism, discrimination and intolerance, whether based on ethnicity or religion or sexual orientation and gender identity

- The promotion of civil society action and freedom of expression of journalists and human rights defenders, who are doing vital work for our democracies.

Last updated on: 6 September 2019
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