Opening of the 48th session of the Human Rights Council

The council must be a bulwark to the opponents to the universality of Human Rights

In a world marked by the questioning of the universality of Human rights, this new session must demonstrate that the edifice of protection is a bulwark against the rise of contestation and relativism. Recent events - in particular in Afghanistan - show how much this question is at the heart of all current issues.

This session will be particularly dense with some thirty resolutions and other texts to be adopted during the four weeks of work.
France, which aspires to a return to normality, will do its utmost to ensure that the holding of this session in virtual format does not impede the proper conduct of the debates.

The situation in Afghanistan is a major concern for this 48th Human Rights Council. France is coordinating closely with its European partners on the appropriateness of a new text that would introduce a fact-finding mechanism or the creation of a Special Rapporteur.

Syria continues to be a priority issue for the Human Rights Council. France, together with the British and a group of States, will be presenting a new resolution which express concern about the security situation in Syria as a whole and in particular in the Deraa region. The need to relaunch a political process will be stressed.

The human rights situation in Burma will be on the agenda. France will closely follow the report of the Independent Investigation Mechanism for Burma, where the Human rights situation remains worrying.

The renewal of the mandate of the group of eminent experts for Yemen for two years and the mandate of the fact-finding mission in Libya for one year will be discussed.
Negotiations are underway between the EU and Burundi to ensure continued close monitoring of the Human rights situation in the country. A resolution renewing the Independent Expert for the Central African Republic will also be presented by the African group with the support of France.
France will continue its actions for the universalisation of the abolition of the death penalty as 2021 marks the 40th anniversary of its abolition in France. It will initiate discussions on the creation of a Special Rapporteur on climate change and Human rights. France wants to ensure that the most effective means are put in place to guarantee effective action.

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France, a committed member of the Human Rights Council

France has been a member of the Human Rights Council since February 2021. In a context of increasing polarization of the Council, France wants to play a constructive role to defend the common base of Human rights and strengthen the international system through dialogue with all, reaffirmation of the universality of rights and the search for progress in countries where rights are threatened and on new thematic issues.

At the time of Covid, when the question of solidarity is raised on a global scale, this 48th session must be the one of a strong reaffirmation of the rights inscribed in the 1948 declaration.

Last updated on: 13 September 2021