Opening of the 45 th session of the Human Rights Council

France welcomes the holding of the 45th session of the Human Rights Council from September 14 to October 6, which is a strong signal of the resumption of multilateral activities in Geneva.

A very busy session

This session is extremely busy with 37 resolutions to be adopted. Recent events have shown how Human Rights remain at the heart of current issues.

- The situation in Belarus is a matter of major concern for this 45th Human Rights Council. The European Union and the so-called Grulac countries (Group of Latin American and Caribbean countries) should call for an urgent debate to be held to support the Belarusian people in their quest for democracy and call on the authorities to engage in a inclusive dialogue.

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- The human rights situation in Burundi will be on the agenda. The peaceful political transition offers a real opportunity for re-engagement with the international community and for better cooperation with human rights mechanisms.

- The issue of the renewal of the fact-finding mission in Venezuela is under discussion as well as the renewal of the one-year mandate of the Eminent Expert Panel for Yemen.

- Syria continues to be a top priority for the Human Rights Council. France presents with its British partners a draft resolution focused on the current political process and the Syrian constitutional committee, the situation in the North-West as well as the impact of the Covid 19 sanitary crisis and the issue of humanitarian access .

- France presents a draft resolution on Enforced Disappearances alongside Argentina, Japan and Morocco, which renews the mandate of the working group. The text recalls the 40th anniversary of the creation of this working group and the 10th anniversary of the entry into force of the convention on enforced disappearances.

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France is running for a seat at the Human Rights Council

France is a candidate for the Human Rights Council for the period 2021-2023.

During the presentation of this candidacy on Wednesday 9 September Francois Croquette, the ambassador in charge of human rights considered that “The panorama of human rights in the world (was) very worrying. In regions in crisis, violations of human rights and humanitarian rights are on the increase.”

France’s action revolves around 5 priorities:

  1. Fight against inequalities
  2. Promotion of gender equality
  3. Support for human rights defenders
  4. Promotion of the rights of the child and fight against their use in armed conflicts
  5. Safety for journalists

While Human Rights are increasingly under attack in the world, Ambassador Croquette stressed that France could not bring itself "to see fundamental rights violated, democracy weakened and multilateralism deconstructed". Away from the Council for 6 years, France wishes through this candidacy to “rediscover the founding spirit of this institution which we believe is being threatened.”

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Last updated on: 23 September 2020